As anyone on a farm knows, keeping operating costs low is a high priority. Whether it’s equipment such as tractors, animals such as cows, or the buildings on the land itself, making sure everything is well-protected can make a world of difference when it comes to turning a profit or experiencing a financial loss.

To make sure equipment, facilities, livestock, and more are kept safe from the elements, purchasing a barn curtain may be one of the smartest choices any farmer makes.

Why Use a Barn Curtain?

There are many good reasons for using a barn curtain. Curtain wall panels and tarps are able to maintain desired temperatures, while also serving as protection from harsh weather realities such as:
–Snow and ice
–Extreme heat
In addition to protecting the barn from Mother Nature’s elements, barn curtains also do an excellent job of protecting livestock, which results in bigger profits down the road. And to top off their advantages, barn curtains also result in much lower energy costs.


Do Other Buildings Use a Barn Curtain?

Along with barns, several other types of structures and facilities use barn curtains to their advantage. For example, they are widely used on hog and chicken farm facilities, where sometimes millions of animals are housed. Other structures using barn curtains include:
–Dairy Barns
And agricultural barn curtains work exceptionally well with greenhouses, helping to ensure the proper humidity levels are maintained even when the temperature outside dips to freezing or lower. Since the costs associated with maintaining these kinds of facilities can be quite high, barn curtains help address a variety of issues commonly encountered on farms.

Among the most important ones are:
–Methane gas release
–Extreme hot and cold temperatures
During times throughout the year when weather conditions are intense, barn curtains help regulate the temperatures inside the barns, making it far easier to work inside them.

Customized Barn Curtains

Along with barn curtains that are standardized for use in many applications, they can also be customized as needed. Manufactured to individual specifications, there are many material as well as hardware options available for those farmers who need something different from the standard fare.

Taking into account a farm’s location, along with the environmental conditions and the type of farm, barn curtains made of vinyl or PVC materials can then be created to do whatever is needed to keep the barn safe and damage-free.

Optional Accessories

While the actual curtains can be manufactured to virtually any specifications, there are also numerous accessories such as stabilizer panels, hand and worm drive test cranks, and brass grommets to name a few. Since manipulating the curtain divider manually is one of the most important aspects of barn curtains, these and other accessories can make that task much easier.

No matter whether it is a large-scale hog farm that has methane gas release as its primary issue, or a farm located where snow and ice pose a risk of severe structural damage to a barn, these curtains and accessories can make sure all goes well.

Most companies offer free quotes to customers about customized work, and are also willing to answer any questions prior to making the sale. By determining the needs of a farm beforehand, barn curtains can be items that are vital to the farm’s overall success.