It is important for warehouse and outdoor industrial and commercial lighting to be durable, efficient, and have a long lifespan. Although the functional apsect of commercial lighting tends to be the most important feature, it is still a good idea to consider the aesthetic appeal of your lighting choices.

When it comes to commercial lighting applications, receivers and handlers are often required to inspect any products that come through the warehouse. If the trueness of the color is crucial, metal halide would probably be the best choice due to its color rendering capabilities (it shows colors as they would appear in natural daylight).

Alternatively, if efficiency is the most important factor, a high-pressure sodium bulb may be the best option. Although a high-pressure sodium bulb tends to give off an orangish-gold color, they also last far longer than metal halide.

Commercial Lighting Options

Regardless of the application, our expansive collection of gas station lighting options is sure to fit your needs. If you are looking for optimal luminosity in a variety of warehouse sizes, consider checking out or low bay and high bay commercial lighting fixtures. High ceilings will benefit the most from high bay lamps, which emit a concentrated light source with minimal dispersion.

gas station lights

Smaller areas with lower ceilings will benefit from low bay fixtures. We offer these in 16″ or 22″ options. To reduce glare and boost light distribution, we install coated metal halide lamps on our acrylic commercial lighting fixtures. We also fit them with extremely efficient refractors that allow these fixtures to emit only 10 to 20% up light. A variety of plug mounting options – including cord, hook, and twist lock – are offered.

Additionally, sliding mounting plate assemblies are available that allow for convenient access to the wiring chamber and well as balancing of the fixture. The majority of our commercial lighting fixtures can also be obtained with aluminum housing options. These are well suited for industrial lighting applications.

The security of industrial and commercial properties can benefit significantly from high-intensity discharge lighting. These types of commercial fixtures can also include a pulse light option with a dedicated ballast and igniter. This eliminates the need to have a starting probe and bi-metal switch within the lamp.

Commercial lighting fixtures with a pulse start provide a longer lifespan for the lamp, improved color consistency from lamp-to-lamp, a quicker warm-up time, quicker re-strike time, and cooler starting temperatures.

Areas With Increased Security Concerns

For areas that require extra attention in the security department such as carports, hallways, soffits, canopies, utility rooms, outdoor spaces, gymnasiums, or other areas, we provide Vandalproof commercial lighting options in die cast aluminum housing with an extra-tough refractor lens.

These fixtures – offered in a variety of wattage options including high, low, or medium – are almost entirely unbreakable due to their durable polycarbonate refractor lens and heavy gauge steel or die cast aluminum housing. Our company also offers high-pressure sodium, fluorescent, and metal halide lamp options.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of commercial lighting fixtures to suit a variety of needs faced by business owners. Please consider contacting us today – we would be glad to address any concerns you have and answer any of your questions regarding commercial and industrial lighting options.